The current version of libmapper is version 1.2, and can be downloaded here. We recommend that you build the library from source. It is licensed with the LGPL v2.1 or later. The full list of files, including any previous releases, can be found at

Linux / Mac OSX / Windows Github | .tar
Examples, Framework* (Mac OSX, x86 architectures)
*To use mapper.framework in XCode: Drag and drop into project under Frameworks, add to a new “Copy Files” build phase, and add to Runpath Search Paths ”@loader_path/../Frameworks” in the project's linker properties.
DLL* (Windows, 32-bit x86 architecture)
*Provides Visual C++-compatible .lib and MingW-compatiple .a link libraries. Python and Java bindings for Windows are not included, but will be forthcoming in the next release. This is the first release supporting Microsoft Windows; please report any difficulties. Includes liblo-7.dlland necessary header files compiled from a recent checkout of liblo's repository.
Python 2.6* (Windows, 32-bit x86 architecture)
*Includes statically-linked libmapper and liblo. Copy contents into your Python 2.6 path.
Session Managers
webMapper (browser-based GUI) Github | OSX Binary
umapper (Linux, Mac OSX) project website
MaxMSP & Pure Data External Objects
Source Github
MaxMSP & Pure Data binaries (Mac OSX) - x86 and x64 OSX Binary